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Company Profile
From the banks of the Chaopraya River, opposite the fabled Oriental Hotel enclave, Bangkok, the AMTADA dream is now realized. Songland, the founder has crafted and developed over many years a design philosophy for quality architecture that attracts appreciative admirers from around the world.
Songland believes in and promotes the appropriate Oriental Style for the Asian environment. An AMTADA development project not only looks right, but functions well and suits the tropical climate. Practical ventilation, high ceilings, imaginative lighting, use of natural materials and water features are the signature elements that make AMTADA such an outstanding product. Songland’s hands-on attention to detail is evident. Impeccable standards for proportion are not compromised. All fittings and fixtures and fittings are carefully considered before selection; and a highly prized antique collection is the source for furnishing all AMTADA luxury residences.
Songland plans for the coming years exciting new resort developments on the beautiful  tropical  island of Phuket; and joint venture projects in the South-East Asian region with local or international partners. In the meantime, one can enjoy the pleasures now offered with a superb AMTADA residence.